Winter preparation

Winterizing your boat every fall is the key to ensuring a smooth start to getting out the following spring:

- Oil and filter change

- Engine draining

- Remove and fold sails

- Drain water system

- Apply anti-corrosive lubricant grease on electric contacts

Winter watching

Several options are proposed:

- Checking lines and fenders before and after a storm

- Regulary visit

- Ventilate and clean humidity absorber

- Boat yard manager (help you to find a contractor, follow the works)

- Clean boat on demand

Spring commissioning

Depending of the options we can:

- charge and connect your batteries

- start engine, and check all operating systems

- We sea trial your boat in water and verify for proper operation

- Evaluate electrical and electronic systems (including navigation lights, cabin and dash lights, air conditioning, and dockside power).

Before/After cruising

Your time is priceless and you want to enjoy your time on water.

SEENAV will prepare your boat ready to sail (provisioning, tanks filling, sheets renting, cleaning)

SEENAV can also help you to organize your cruising.

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